Our work is about Transformational Change

Empowering Boards to Lead

Fostering Environments of Inclusion and Belonging

Nurturing Innovative Solutions to Social Problems

Revenue Creation and Diversification

Fostering Relationships around Shared Passions


Founder Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham and her team bring significant expertise to transformational change.

  • We facilitate team conversations and coach executives to advance their goals in alignment with their mission.
  • We design and deliver impactful result driven adult education programs to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 
    • Our trainings support deep learning about racism,  how racism operates at internal, individual and systemic levels, and how we can change our individual and institutional behaviors to create inclusive environments that value individuals and their identities, in order to realize their full potential.    
  • Our 5-step Ignite Model combines assessment, learning, readiness, and implementation to support transformational impact.
    • We build and improve inclusive and creative systems, from the boardroom to the front line.
  • We create and support innovative programs that address pressing social problems, with a focus on fostering interdisciplinary  partnerships. 
  • We develop fundraising and market driven revenue generation strategies to sustain strong non-profits in our community.