Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham

"Ask what you can do."

John F. Kennedy



Promoting Good approaches its work with integrity, passion and creativity. 


Promoting Good applies best practices from the for-profit and non-profit sectors, having worked in both sectors in the United States and abroad. 


Founder's Bio


A strategic and big picture thinker, Valerie brings excellence  to her work promoting good.  Valerie is an innovator, skilled advocate, project manager, facilitator, coach, trainer, and relationship builder.  


Valerie co-founded a thriving medical-legal partnership and successfully designed and secured significant funding for several other multi-partner programs that continue to thrive today.


She has a deep commitment to helping organizations build inclusion, from the front lines to the board, because as a result organizations and the communities they serve will be stronger and more impactful.


Personal Background


Valerie was born in Mexico City where her parents still reside. She was blessed to grow up in a truly multicultural environment, and currently resides in Massachusetts with her family. She has lived in Texas, the Northeast, California, as well as in Mexico and France.  This life experience nurtured in her an ability to be conscious of difference and to listen with an open heart and mind. 


Valerie speaks fluent Spanish, English and French and loves to travel.



Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center

Corporator and member of the Grants Committee of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Corporator, WebsterFive


Former board member of the Worcester County Food Bank 


Promoting Good, LLC collaborates with a group of seasoned professionals, calling upon different individuals and their expertise to match client and project-specific needs. In this way, Promoting Good ensures the perfect team serves each client with excellence.