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Promoting Good Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) FAQs

What is our philosophy?

We believe diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are achievable when people and orgnizations are committed to change. We approach our work understanding that change takes time. We believe transformational equity change can be ignited through a five step process that includes assessment, learning, readiness, implementation and the pivot.

What values guide us?

We approach our work with joy, patience, creativity, and excellence. We are honest, encourage brave conversations, kind and transparent in sharing our approach, information, and feedback.

Who do we work with?

We partner with organizations and leaders who are committed to learning and change. We seek partnerships with people who are curious about identifying their individual and organizational blindspots. We seek partnership with people who are committed to action for equity. We will end a relationship if a partner is not demonstrating a commitment to action or change.

What we don't do

Except on rare occasions, we do not take on training only work. While we believe learning matters, we do not believe training only projects creating the required organizational change. We are looking to build long term relationships with organizations committed to deep DEIB work.

What if we are just starting our DEIB journey?

We partner with organizations who are curious and open to learning and transformational equity change. You do not have to have done previous work in the DEIB space. We want to see a commitment to action that is authentic.

How do we get started?

Review the IGNITE framework on our website. You can request a discovery meeting with our team where we share our approach and listen to you to understand your needs and guage your organizaton’s authentic interest in creating transformational equity change.

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