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Our 5 Step Model


 Our teams build a relationship with your team with privacy in mind. You complete a confidential equity assessment to determine the measurable action plans best for your team.

Our Ignite Program is a package of customizable services based on a confidential assessment to determine which measurable action plans and solutions are best for each client. We use a five-step engagement cycle​ to ensure your success.

Ignite will help you stimulate your team's creativity and productivity geared for impactful outcomes in nurturing a culture in which all staff members feel safe, valued, and supported to strive to their fullest potential.

Our Ignite program has helped organizations

successfully develop:

  • Learning and concrete readiness programs

  • Data metrics for reporting/analysis

  • Evidence-based actionable equity plans

  • HR and talent recruiting strategies

  • Asset-based fundraising/revenue generation strategies

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