Tactics to Support Transformational Interventions

Strategic Planning

A vibrant process includes a needs assessment, a dynamic strategic plan, and a solid implementation strategy.

  • Consultation to determine when, why and how to engage in a transformational process.
  • Facilitation of dynamic strategic planning process.
  • Tailored industry and agency specific needs assessment.
  • Design and ongoing coaching to ensure a strategic plan is successfully implemented.

Fostering Inclusive Environments

Assessment of organizational needs at the client, staff, management and board level. 

Development of tools to ensure the mission statement, values, and operation live the organization's commitment to these important values.

Tools include:

  • equity focused organizational needs assessment 
  • training on diversity, equity and inclusion core competencies including structural racism, implicit bias,  and cultural responsiveness
  • internal and external data analysis to support informed dialogue based on hard data
  • strengthening organizational capacity to build inclusive environments by supporting board, staff and community through individual coaching and group facilitation 
  • design and development of training programs for employees, clients and boards, and
  • relationship building and network creation.

Professional Development through Curriculum Design

Training, strategy, design, and delivery for non profit staff and client communities.


Your experts have valuable content knowledge. Their impact will be greater with the support of a skilled trainer who can assist them in executing effective training programs. 



Empowering Boards to Lead

Coaching, skilled facilitation, and board development support inclusion and creative leadership.


Fostering Relationships around Shared Passions

Organizations miss opportunities to connect to individuals who are passionate about the organization's mission.  By connecting people who share passions organizations are strengthened and outcomes improve.  Promoting Good helps create, grow, and sustain networks. 


Creating Innovative Solutions to Social Problems

Bring innovative ideas to fruition through planning and execution of validated and best-practice inspired initiatives. Couple planning with coaching to support social innovators in achieving breakthrough success.  


Revenue Creation & Diversification

Planning and execution of initiatives for organizations committed to revenue creation and diversification.