Upcoming E-trainings

Free Virtual Events

Join the Promoting Good team for a virtual happy hour


Share your story, your challenges, and successes.  


Meet some amazing people. Network. Have fun.


Brainstorm and make some new plans.


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Inspiring Leadership in Times of Change

Together, Promoting Good, LLC and BeLive  CEO Ilhiana Rojas co-host a one-hour session during which they share tools to help you inspire and support your team. 


To schedule a presentation for your team, email us at info@promotinggoodllc.com.

Sé Un Líder Inspirador en Estos Tiempos Cambiantes

Juntas, Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham de Promoting Good, LLC y Ilhiana Rojas de BeLive ofrecen una presentación de una hora.  Compartirán herramientas que le ayudaran a inspirar y apoyar a su equipo. 


Para programar una presentación para su equipo, por favor mande un correo electrónico a:  info@promotinggoodllc.com.

Offerings for Teachers

These are challenging times to teach and for students to learn. 

We know that you want to meet each students’ needs but are facing new obstacles.  As you adapt to teaching e-lessons, let us support you in identifying ways you can help your students manage their home environment so they can participate in an authentic learning environment.  


During an interactive hour-long e-training, I will share equity-focused strategies that can help you adapt.

Learn how to:

1) Spot challenges different home environments present to students so that you can respond with equity to your students’ needs.

2) Modify classroom norms for e-lessons that will create an authentic learning environment. 

3) Manage equity issues that arise during e-lessons.

4) Identify, set, and respect boundaries in home learning environments.

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 For more information email Valerie at info@promotinggoodllc.com.

Management Offerings

Successful Remote Management

Over four e-trainings and two 1:1 private coaching sessions, you will gain important tools to successfully manage your remote team. 


During each e-training session, you will identify and review tools that can improve your performance as a manager.  Your will then plan to and apply those tools in the field.  At the beginning of each e-training, participants will share successes and ongoing challenges.


Through 1:1 private coaching, you will assess progress and revise your tactics with the goal of continued improvement.  


You can register here as an individual or as a group.


For more information email: info@promotinggoodllc.com.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Certificate

Over five-weeks, you will develop a foundational understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and develop a plan to implement a concrete and  actionable strategy to meet 1-2 workplace DEI goals.


This course includes:

  • Weekly one hour webinars,
  • E-chat sessions,
  • Weekly office hours, and
  • Individual coaching.

You will receive a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate upon completion of the course.

For more information email: info@promotinggoodllc.com.